August 16, 2019

Graduating High School – I don’t know what to major in?

When I met Dylan it was in November and he was graduating high school the coming summer. (6 months to graduation) As always I asked him what college he was planning to go to. He quickly said he wanted to go to Texas A&M. I then asked what he wanted to major in. He was not sure. We worked on a personal survey where we mapped his interests to college majors. After a short conversation, I learned that he loved his math classes and does very well in them. He also mentioned that he used to say he would like to be a pilot but everyone kept telling him to go into a medical field.

Long story short, Dylan found his spark after a conversation with us at ELT Consulting Solutions. The conversation helped him know exactly what he wanted to do and how he would go about it. His ACT/SAT scores were low for him to be considered at Texas A&M. We worked on a plan to improve his test results and set goals that were achievable. This August 2019 he is going to college on a football scholarship and he will be majoring in Piloting.

Parent Feedback: Dylan’s mom text me after they got home from meeting with us. She said, “I have never seen my son this optimistic and enthusiastic about his education. It was like he had an eye-opening moment that gave him so much hope. He now wants to do better; he wants to work harder and is sure focused to increase his ACT/SAT scores. Now he understands why.”

Lesson Learned: Seek help before it is too late to make changes toward your college selection. The earlier you start exploring the more you learn and then you have time to make adjustments. ACT/SAT scores can be improved to make them acceptable in any college of your choice. You have to research and seek help to make sure you make the right choices.

If you need help, selecting a Major or College, Schedule a consulting session with us, we will be glad to help.


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