August 16, 2019

Nothing is wrong with trying out the Community College

Alvin had already been going to community college when we met. He was not sure if he was making the right decisions and if he was headed in the right direction. When he enrolled in the Community College he wanted to major in Engineering. After a couple of college classes, he learned that Math was no longer coming easily to him like he thought it would, he struggled. The only subjects that he was doing great in were the Sciences. He decided to research what majors he would go into if he only wanted to focus on sciences. He settled on Biochemistry and so when we met he wanted to know how he would go about enrolling in a 4yr college and pursuing a career in Biochemistry. Alvin is now doing great in the 4yr college he chose. We provided him tips on what he would do to advance as a student and in this career.

Parent Feedback: I met Alvin’s parents at a social gathering and their joy was overflowing. They said Alvin had become very focused in college. He had started working on internships and was networking. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and how to do it. He was very enthusiastic and optimistic about his future.

Lesson Learned: There is nothing wrong with first going to a community college before enrolling in a four year college. In fact, there are some advantages the main one being cost saving. Research advantages for going to Community College vs, four year college. Alvin got to discover himself in a Community College; it is a good start if you are unsure of what you would like to do.




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