College & Adults Consulting

College Students and Adults at a cross road (age 18yrs and up)

Step 1: Schedule an Initial Consulting Session and we will provide information on the topics below:
You can select one of the below topics that be covered on the Initial Consulting session. Separate sessions will be required to cover all topics.

Importance of choosing to go to College

  • Why go to College?
  • How to select a College

Planning your Career

  • We provide tools that help you determine what Career to choose
  • We provide tools to help you determine what Vocation to choose
  • We talk Career Vs. Job
  • We talk money, Pay vs. Wages and more

Funding College

  • We review different ways for Funding College and help you select what works best for you
  • We cover topics such as Loans (Different types), Scholarship, Pell grants, Work-study, etc.

Step 2: Select & Schedule ELT Consulting Premium Package: If you need an In-depth review of your interests. We work with the students to determine their interests and then prepare a customized guide of how to meet their College and Career goals.