Subscription terms of agreement

Subscription Terms of Agreement

Thank you for vising our website. By subscribing to this site you will have the first row seat to tapping into my intellectual and Cooperate knowledge that has been acquired in over 25 years of leadership roles.


You will acquire access to:

Blogs, you will learn through my story and others stories, blogs will always target a lesson that you can benefit from no matter your age.

Training materials will contain a wealth of information that we always wish we had before committing to a college or a career

Continued Education videos will be live conversations from me or interviews from leaders and influencers in our society

We will provide document review services for – College application essays – Internship or Volunteer Resumes /Cover Letters – Scholarship applications.

By subscribing you are guaranteed the benefits listed below:


Subscribers Contract

To subscribe you will be required to create an account:

  • You will have access to monthly Motivational, Educative Blogs
  • Customized Training materials that focus on students & parent goals of all grades
  • You will get a 10% on one ELT Premium Package
  • You will get a 10% discount if you purchase Continued Education training videos
  • You will get 10% on Document Review Services
  • You agree to a $25/month subscription – flat amount no tax – only by electronic deduction from your account
  • You commit to a six month subscription contract or a three month discounted contract
  • You can keep your subscription as long as you like or cancel after the six months.