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I had the opportunity to work closely with Cate as my mentor during my college years. She helped me find direction on my career path before and after changing my [...]
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I was raised in a different culture; I did not know how to guide my son. I wanted him to be successful, but I did not understand the American school [...]
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My child had a spark in his eyes after his first session with Cate. He started asking questions about what he needed to do to increase his ACT/SAT Scores. He [...]
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After coming to the US as a second-year college student from one of the best universities overseas, I did not understand the school system in the US and did not [...]
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I was tired of doing odd jobs. I needed help and a friend referred me to Cate. I was able to leverage the experience I had to create a college [...]
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I was about to graduate High school and did not know what it took to get to a college or what to major in. Cate provided the tools that I [...]
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