August 19, 2019

What we do: Empower Students and Parents

What: We work with Students from Middle school to College and their parents to help them understand the American school system. We help the students understand “Why” they have to make good grades and the parents “How” to support their students. By using personalized packages, we help the students plan for college and their careers. Generally, we find that students become motivated about their education and career once they know how and why they have to work hard and make good grades.

How: We hold workshops for the youth and parents to help them understand the American school system and provide simple steps for the student to take to succeed in every grade level. We also provide parents key steps on how to support their students. This information is also available on one on one consultation sessions.

Why: The reason for doing this is to make sure we empower students and parents to make the right decisions when it comes to college selection and eventual careers. We believe with the correct guidance and support, our children are smart and can thrive to even higher levels than we as parents can ever think or imagine. Seeing this happen gives us “Our Why” for doing this.

Workshops: We have built a workbook that is used as a reference guide when delivering workshops to various youth groups. Schedule a free consulting session to learn more about how to organize a workshop for your group.

One on One Consulting Sessions: We work with individuals on One on One Consulting Sessions where we begin by working on a survey to determine individual interests and strengths, we then determine what college majors would best work for their strong traits. We then build a customized plan for how they will achieve their college and eventual career goals. The one on one consulting is a model that works very well for the youth but has also worked well for adults who are at a crossroads in their education or career. We help adults use the experience and knowledge they have acquired to build onto where they desire to be may it be professional or vocational careers of their choice.

Our focus is solely on individual interests, we believe not all of us are made for Cooperate careers. Some may be successful in Cooperate America, but others may not. Vocational training courses can be just as rewarding and high paying as Cooperate professions. We help you to navigate through the different options and make a choice that works best for you.

No matter what way an individual chooses to go, they must understand there is a process of growth and maturity that they have to go through to be successful.

Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent, and be patient. Unknown

We welcome you to ELT Consulting Solutions and look forward to working with you.

To get started on the One on One Session select the Book Appointment tab above and follow the step by step instructions of how to book an appointment.

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  • Blogs, you will learn from my story and stories from others, blogs will always target a lesson that you can benefit from no matter your age.
  • Training materials that contain a wealth of information that we always wish we had before committing to a college or a career.
  • Continuing Education videos that offer live conversations from our team or interviews from leaders and influencers in our society.
  • Bi-Weekly one-hour Group Q&A sessions.
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  • You will get a 10% discount on Document Review Services.
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We look forward to working with all of you,

Thank you,

Cate Rugano,

Owner / Executive Director



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Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog. Our desire is that you will learn from our experience and the experiences of others and that you will be inspired and encouraged. Know that no seed that is planted bares fruit the next day – everything/everyone has to go through the process. Do not miss or skip any steps in the process because that means you will not be empowered or equipped to be the best that God has made you to be. Embrace the process; patiently and steadily go through it. Have a plan and a prayer and we guarantee you will make it.

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